Cute Monsters University Bedding 4-Piece TODDLER Set

This 4-piece TODDLER Monsters University bedding, from the popular animated film produced by Pixar Studio and released by Disney, is a colorful pictorial of two best friends and room mates — Michael “Mike” Wazowski and James P. (Sully) Sullivan.

The design is set on the backdrop of Monster’s University which is an educational institute located in a less urban area of the city of “Monstropolis”. Mike and Sully are enrolled in the School of Scaring, that trains monsters to scare humans.

Mike is the short, not so fierce looking, little round lime-colored monster with the skinny arms and legs, small gray horns and one large emerald green eye.

Sully is the rather large, muscular monster with blue hair and purple spots. He has periwinkle colored eyes, thick blue eyebrows and black claws (which he paints that way because he thinks they look scarier!)

Sully Monsters UniversityBoth are showcased on this colorful set consisting of one (1) comforter, one (1) fitted bottom sheet, one (1) flat top sheet and one (1) reversing pillowcase.

This four piece set is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber. Microfiber is very soft to the touch, right from the packaging and is stain resistant, as well as wrinkle and static resistant.

Microfiber is a breathable polyester that will wick away the perspiration of any warm sleepers. The fibers in microfiber are less than the thickness of a human hair making the fabric weave very dense and strong.

The comforter in this set measures 42-inches wide by 57-inches long and will fit a standard crib mattress. A crib mattress measures 28-inches wide and 52-inches long. The drape on each side of a toddler mattress would be 7-inches.

TODDLER Monsters University Bedding Facts

  1. This is officially licensed Disney Pixar Monsters University merchandise that has been made outside the US and is imported.
  2. Included in the 4-piece set is 1 comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 1 pillowcase.
  3. The comforter measures 42-inches wide by 57-inches long.
  4. The pillowcase reverses for two different looks and will fit a standard sized bed pillow measuring 20-inches by 26-inches
  5. This set features vibrant colors in ranges of blues, purples, oranges, creams, greens and yellows.
  6. The fabric in this set is 100 percent polyester microfiber that is stain, static and wrinkle resistant.
  7. All pieces can be machine washed in cold water. Cold water washing will help keep colors vibrant longer.
  8. Washing the comforter on a gentle cycle will preserve the stitching and keep fiber fill from bunching in the corners.
  9. All pieces can be tumble dried on low to medium heat. Avoid high heating setting with microfiber as this can damage the fiber.
  10. This set has not been treated for flame resistance.
  11. Prices for this TODDLER Monsters University bed set have been determined by the supplier and not this website.
  12. Pricing will change based on product popularity and availability.