Fisher-Price Imaginext Tentaclor Alien Space Monster

Fisher Price introduces the ultimate alien monster, the Imaginext “Tentaclor”, in the never ending battle between humans and space aliens.

This big purple space monster has the features of an octopus but is a lot more sinister! In fact, Simpson’s TV fans will recognize his resemblance to the Kang and Kodos characters.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the features of Tentaclor and why he is a worthy opponent for your little space explorer and any Imaginext space vehicle that chooses to challenge him.

The Imaginext line of Fisher Price toys inspire imagination and creativity. They are “transition type” toys that take your little one from baby to “big boy”, providing the action and adventure your little one wants without over complicating features and functions.

These toys are fun, promoting lots of interaction and also help develop the skills that will take your little space explorer to the next level of play.

Features of Fisher Price’s Tentaclor

Science fiction films, suggesting other life forms live outside Earth, have been around for quite some time and are big box office.

The battle between humans and aliens as depicted in these special effects packed films easily inspire fans, both young and old to unite in the battle against evil that would otherwise destroy planet Earth.

Imaginext’s Tentaclor is one such alien monster that will prove a challenge and lots of interactive play for any star ships who choose to defy him.

Here are his features we feel are worth noting:

Imaginext Tentaclor Features

Imaginext Tentaclor Back View


  1. Nothing is creepier than a roving eye and Tentaclor’s large eye follows the action moving back and forth. Press the button located on the headband just above his eye and it will light up. The eye also lights up and moves when the brain is pushed or the handle is squeezed.
  2. Tentaclor’s long tentacles can hold any space action figure, human or otherwise, who gets in his way. Squeeze the handle at his back and his tentacles will move around shaking his victim. The tentacle holding the swatter will swat at anything Tentaclor is holding.
  3. Press down on this alien monster’s brain and his mouth will open. Hear the chomping sounds when something — or someone is placed in his mouth.
  4. Adding to his imposing presence, are the creepy monster sounds you would expect from an alien being — hear growling, chomping, slurping, burping, evil laughing and other dark alien sounds. Sounds are initiated with interactive play either when being attacked by Imaginext space vehicles (sold separately) or when the brain or headband button is pushed.
  5. Space Man Action FigureDon’t be surprised if Tentaclor makes a few noises on his own, like saying “Let’s play!” when you’re not watching!
  6. Included with this busy purple alien monster is one (1) Imaginext space action figure.

Facts for Parents about Tentaclor

While the features and just the overall look of Tentaclor will generate sales, the facts surrounding ownership are just as important know before making a decision to buy. Here’s what we think parents may want to know:

  1. This is officially licensed Fisher Price Imaginext merchandise that has been made outside the U.S. and is imported.
  2. Tentaclor measures 13.5-inches WIDE x 6-inches DEEP x 11-inches TALL and weighs about 2 pounds with batteries.
  3. There is no assembly required other than installation of the batteries with a screwdriver provided by you.
  4. It is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 3 and older and has small parts (swatter and action figure). The handle at the back, which moves the tentacles, may be a little difficult for younger children to squeeze.
  5. This toy requires three (3) AA-Alkaline batteries to operate lights and sounds. It comes WITH three (3) batteries but these are “DEMO” batteries used for in-store “Try Me” purposes and are not full strength. Fresh batteries, sold separately, should be installed so all features operate correctly.
  6. The moving tentacles on Tentaclor are spring loaded when the handle is pressed and are not motor driven.
  7. The hard sturdy plastic this toy is made from can withstand some serious play and more than a few drops.
  8. This Imaginext space alien can be cleaned with a damp cloth, if needed and should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  9. Pricing for this NEW Fisher Price Imaginext space monster has been determined by the supplier and not this review website.
  10. Pricing WILL change based on availability and popularity and as a NEW 2014 release will be a hot seller for the holidays.


Kid ApprovedAll space aliens should be so cute, at least to a parent. Kids will enjoy the moving eye, the flashing lights and the swinging tentacles.

There is just the right amount of menacing in the growling, chomping, and moaning sounds this space monster makes without being too scary for younger kids.

Because this toy interacts with other Imaginext toys it extends play and makes it easy to grow a collection of Imaginext toys.

It provides the developmental benefits, for younger players, of interactive play, problem solving in operating its features, role playing in the stories that will be told, and generally being inspired to be creative and independent in new adventures.

Overall, this is a colorful companion who will provide hours of fun play, a few laughs and at a great value. Be sure to check out our review of the Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover.