Colorful 16×16-inch Halloween Tote Trick or Treat Bag

This artist designed, lightweight 16×16 inch Halloween themed tote bag is the perfect carrier for the sweet treats collected on All Hallows Eve holiday.

When compared to the traditional plastic pumpkin, this uniquely designed, colorful poplin tote can hold more goodies, be easier to carry and is machine washable for years of use.

Halloween Tote Bag Features

  1. This Halloween Trick or Treat tote bag measures 16 x 16 inches and is made from lightweight polyester poplin fabric.
  2. Note the artifacts typically associated with Halloween playfully displayed in this artisan design — there is lighted candle, a spider web, bats against a full moon, green slime, a black cat, a Jack-O-Lantern, a ghost, candy corn, bones and a tombstone that spell out the words “Trick or Treat”.
  3. It features one (1) inch wide black straps made from cotton webbing for strength.
  4. All seams are double stitched to easily handle whatever you choose to carry in it.
  5. Shades of purple, magenta, lime green, gray, yellow, black, orange, blue, red and white stand out on a clean white background. Detailing is crisp and clean.
  6. This is a two-sided design meaning this colorful Halloween Trick or Treat print is on both sides.

Trick or Treat Bag Design

Caring for this Trick or Treat Bag

  1. This colorful Halloween tote bag is made from 100 percent lightweight poplin fabric.
  2. It is meticulously cut and double stitched for strength.
  3. Pre-treat any stained or soiled areas with a color-safe spot cleaner or spray or use a damp sponge.
  4. The tote is machine washable in cold or warm water using a mild detergent.
  5. Do not use bleach as this may yellow and degrade the polyester poplin fibers.
  6. Air drying or tumble drying on a low heat setting is recommended.

Ordering Information and Options

  1. As a unique artisan design, that is not available in any big box retailer and it is only available for purchase online.
  2. This is a great gift idea for any little Trick or Treater and is made to order in the USA.
  3. It is available to ship to buyers in just 3 to 5 business days.
  4. Also available in other sizes — get this in a smaller 13×13 inch size or a larger 18×18 inch size through the link below.
  5. This Halloween design is also available as a tank top, coffee mug, wall art and other options.
  6. Pricing will be based on the size tote bag you select and has not been determined by this website.