Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Interactive Giant Dinosaur Toy

Your little dinosaur fan becomes the monstrous Tyrannosaurus rex with this Imaginext Ultra T-Rex from Fisher-Price.

This giant dinosaur toy measures a full 30-inches tall, 16-inches wide and 8-inches deep when standing — and T-Rex is loaded with enough features and sounds to keep your little prehistoric conqueror entertained for hours.

In this review, we will detail the features that make this latest release from Imaginext so special and will also provide all the facts regarding ownership so parents have what they need to make an informed buying decision.

Giant Interactive Dinosaur Toy Features

This is no gentle giant dinosaur toy, in fact, this fearsome Ultra T-Rex is ready to take on just about any adversary in battle…fully equipped to handle whatever comes his way.

Below is a snapshot of the features, on all sides, that will provide healthy interactive play for young dinosaur lovers.

Ultra T-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Features

Ultra T-Rex resembles a custom built Tyrannosaurus look-alike with the feel of a secret fort fully outfitted for battle.

  1. At the very least, this interactive dinosaur toy can walk, stomp, stand and roar creating a fearful, menacing presence.
  2. Loaded with covert trap doors, climbing ladders, weapons storage, boulder launchers, projectile claws and a jail for the prisoners he doesn’t eat, T-Rex is well equipped to be King of his habitat.
  3. In addition to Ultra T-Rex, he comes with three (3) tribal soldiers with helmets, four (4) boulders for cannons and four (4) projectile spears for firing at opponents.
  4. Three (3) strategically placed POWER PADS bring this giant dinosaur to life with bright LED lights and roaring sounds.
  5. One POWER PAD brings him to full height, activating the LED lights on his spikes. Another POWER PAD sends him stomping forward while making some threatening sounds. The third POWER PAD opens and closes his powerful jaws while making chopping sounds. He even fires spears from a secret location inside his mouth.
  6. When T-Rex is pushed forward on his wheeled base he makes more interesting sound effects.
  7. He even has shooting claws, operated by the push of a button on his feet.

Giant Ultra T-Rex Dinosaur Toy

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Toy Facts

  1. Ultra T-Rex measures 30-inches tall by 16-inches wide by 8-inches deep and weighs about 12 pounds fully assembled.
  2. He requires four (4) AA (LR6) batteries for all features to work correctly. The battery compartment is located in Ultra’s base and is accessed by a Phillips head screwdriver. Screwdriver is not included. The manufacturer recommends using FRESH alkaline batteries for longer life. In some purchases there are four batteries included with purchase, however, these are store DEMO batteries and not full strength.
  3. There is some assembly required. Included is the T-Rex base body, two arms, one ladder, one tail and two leg sections. All these pieces snap into place without the use of tools. These “appendages” are all designed to fit only one way and are not interchangeable.
  4. On the base there is a single Power-Volume switch that may be turned ON and OFF. There is no volume control.
  5. Interactive T-Rex lights and sound will only operate when he is in the upright position. He can be lowered by pressing on his back.
  6. T-Rex’s mouth will also always be open when he is in the upright position unless you use a POWER PAD to close it.
  7. This giant interactive dinosaur toy is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 3 to 8 years of age.
  8. Imaginext Ultra T-Rex has been made outside the US, all parts are plastic and it is imported.