Dinosaurs Rule on Jurassic World Monopoly Board Game

The prehistoric predators and team from the 2015 Jurassic World film have joined forces with the iconic property trading game of Monopoly to bring hours of challenge and play to family game night.

This new spin on a traditional board game favorite brings Jurassic World into your living room, game room or kitchen table. No more taking a ride on the Reading Railroad in this set, how about taking a ride on a Ferry, Gyrosphere, Monorail or Gondola?

Gone are Park Place and Boardwalk — replaced by Indominus Rex and ACU (Animal Containment Unit).

You can still GO TO JAIL and get FREE Parking in this edition but you will take a CHANCE with the “Creation Lab” and your new COMMUNITY CHEST is a Jurssaic World surprise.

Run into “Technical Difficulties” instead of paying “Income Tax”, make electric fence repairs in lieu of paying “Luxury Tax”, gone is Water Works and replaced by “Gene Splicing” and no Electric Company in Jurassic World, instead get paid to collect DNA.

Jurassic World Monopoly Game Features

There are 22 prehistoric monsters, birds and locations in this set that add to fun game play.

Visit the Aviary, the Islanublar Lagoon, the Gyrosphere Valley, the Petting Zoo, the Nublar River and the Raptor Den.

Own a Raptor Pass, Dino Food and see a Feeding Show.

When buying properties, it’s only natural that the traditional houses and hotels of original Monopoly be replaced with Jurassic World fences and enclosures letting players build their own dino-filled utopia instead of amassing properties.

Jurassaic World Monopoly Review

There are 6 NEW zinc tokens for this edition that have been creatively redesigned to represent familiar series objects. What’s included are:

  • Jurassic World Entrance Gates
  • T-Rex Dinosaur Skull
  • Touring Helicopter
  • Dr. Hammond Statue
  • Jurassic World Jeep
  • Lab DNA Sample

Jurassic World Monopoly Tokens


The actual game play remains the same so the biggest decision, for those familiar with traditional Monopoly, will be which of the six tokens to choose.

Included with this set are the game board, 6 zinc tokens, Creation Lab and Jurassic World (Change and Community Chest) cards, fences and enclosures (in lieu of Houses and Hotels) and Dino Dollars.

Monopoly is recommended for 2 to 6 players and from Ages 8 and older. Like any game with small parts, caution should be exercised if playing around young children or curious pets.

With popularity of the Jurassic Park movies series and with this being a new release, it is likely to be a hot seller for. If you love dinosaurs and if you love the board game Monopoly, then the decision to buy is a no-brainer!

Prices for this board game have been determined by the supplier and not this website. Prices WILL change based on product availability and popularity.

Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition Board Game

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  • Buy, sell and trade dinosaurs and attractions from the Jurassic World movie
  • Collectible tokens include: Founder Statue, Entrance Gate, Helicopter, DNA Sequence, Park Vehicle, T Rex Skull
  • Perfect entertainment and collectible for the Jurassic World fan