Fitness and Fun with Plush Monster Bowling Game

This cute, colorful monster bowling set from Melissa and Doug gets kids away from the TV and computer and gives them a little workout!

Time spent in front of a screen, takes away from time spent interacting with their friends and family and being physically active. This adorable monster bowling game for kids is not only fun and engaging but solves the problem of inactivity without them even knowing it.

The days of scary monsters for kids have been replaced with a friendlier sort of monster — with odd shaped bodies, crazy colors, textures and often silly expressions, that do more to make kids laugh then frighten them.

This bowling set is just the right size for toddlers to get excited about seeing how many of these colorful characters they can knock down and set up in different arrangements.

Features of Melissa and Doug Monster Bowling

This seven (7) piece set comes in a zipped tote bag that will keep this bowling game clean and all the pieces together when your little bowler is done playing. The features include:

Plush Monster Bowling

  1. Bowling Pins (6 each) that measure about 6-1/2 inches in height — proportionate to toddler height
  2. A plush bowling ball that measures about 3-1/2 inches in diameter — just the right size for little hands
  3. One zippered plastic tote bag with carrying handle — for easy storage and keeping the set clean, also great as a travel game
  4. Each Monster bowling pin is brightly colored with multiple fabric textures — great for drawing attention
  5. There are no sharp corners, pieces or small parts that would pose a choking hazard
  6. Great for little ones to develop coordination and motor skills
  7. Also great for developing social awareness when interacting with others playing
  8. Fabric seams are tightly stitched for some serious play
  9. Great as an indoor activity when the weather does not cooperate
  10. Each plush monster pin can also double as a take along buddy or companion for younger players who have yet to grasp the concept of bowling

Overall, this set as whole provides a variety of benefits for toddler play. While recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 2 and older, consumers have purchased this to the delight of toddlers younger.

A couple of things to point out with this set is that the monster pins do not stand well on carpet, working better on a hard flat surface — and, depending on the child, this set may end up becoming 6 plush monster toys versus a bowling game.

This Melissa and Doug bowling game has been made outside the US and is imported. Prices for this set have been determined by the supplier and not this website.

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