Monster Removable Wall Decals RoomMates RMK1472SCS

These removable friendly Monster Wall Decals will brighten the room of any little monster fan with their brightly colored crooked smiles, misshaped eyes and spiky hair.

They come in set of four (4) handy 10-inch by 18-inch sheets.

Together, in this collection of 35 stickers, you get some pretty cute, colorful monsters with silly expressions and monster words that will help fight off scary things that might otherwise lurk in the dark.

With decals ranging in size from 1.5-inches wide x 1.5-inches high to 6.5-inches wide x 5-inches high, you get some seriously silly and not very scary monsters in a wide range of darker pastels that will coordinate with most any monster-themed room decor.

Monster Wall DecalsThey are made under the RoomMates brand and are identified as Product Part Number RMK1472SCS.

Individual images can be peeled from the sheets and placed on any flat surface. These wall decals do not work well on textured walls but they will adhere to dressers, desks, toy boxes, bed headboards, windows, doors, notebooks, lunch boxes and just about anything that’s flat.

Because these wall stickers are removable, they can come off at any time for rearranging or relocating without leaving any sticky residue.

TIP – Because these are laser cut friendly monster images and smaller than the backing they are adhered to, focusing on removing the backing from the image versus removing the image from the backing will ensure less chance of tearing. The force then is on peeling the backing away rather than placing it on peeling the smaller image attached to it.

The high quality, bright colors and crisp details, in these monster wall stickers, make them the perfect, affordable monster wall decor to add to any monster-themed room, bedding or accessories.

Facts about these Monster Wall Decals

  1. This is a 35-piece friendly monster series set of peel and stick removable wall stickers in various sizes
  2. These are RoomMates brand Part Number RMK1462SCS adhesive stickers
  3. Monster wall decal sizes vary, ranging in size from 1.5-inches up to an impressive 6.5-inches
  4. These decals are not licensed merchandise for any toy or film franchise but ARE made in the USA
  5. For best results, the wall decals should be applied to a flat, smooth surface rather than a textured surface
  6. The adhesive backing on this monster wall decor will not damage your walls, wallpaper, tile or furniture surfaces where applied
  7. This adhesive is even strong enough to withstand humidity if used in a bathroom
  8. Consider this a very inexpensive way to decorate any open span of wall space in the room of any monster fan
  9. Decals are easily removable for relocating to other room, wall, tile or furniture locations and are not toxic
  10. Prices for these friendly monster wall stickers collection are set by the supplier and not this website
  11. Prices will vary based on product availability and popularity
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