Full Movie Home Oh and Tip Duvet Cover Bedding

Fans of the new Dreamworks film “Home” will delight in this premium FULL size comforter cover featuring “Tip” and Oh” — two of the film’s main characters.

The film is a computer animated science fiction “buddy” style movie about an alien race known as the “Boov” who flee from their mortal enemy “The Gorg” to make their new home planet Earth. In the process, they decide to relocate all Earth’s human inhabitants but one little girl named “Tip Tucci” avoids their capture.

home tip boov ohReluctantly teaming up with her is an alien “Boov” named “Oh” who was banished from their group for accidentally notifying “The Gorg” of their whereabouts.

Movie “Home” Bedding Look

  1. The design, in a scene from this Dreamworks film, “Oh” and “Tip” are suspended from an Eiffel Tower spire while trying to evade capture — all digitally detailed in bright vivid colors.
  2. Shades of orange, lavender, powder blue, silver, tan, brown, gold, yellow, white and green capture blue skies dotted with white fluffy clouds, the rusted steel structure of the Eiffel Tower framed with the green landscape below. Oh and Tip are clinging for dear life at the end of a pole while orange umbrella tops are sailing by in the wind.
  3. This is a single sided design meaning these two characters are only featured on one side of the duvet cover. The reverse side is a soft solid white.
  4. Measuring 79-inches by 79-inches, this comforter cover will fit a standard FULL size mattress. A full mattress measures 54-inches wide by 75-inches long so the drape on this duvet cover would be 12.5-inches on each side of the bed.
  5. A duvet cover is an inexpensive way to completely change the look of your bedroom — especially when paired with coordinating room accessories that play off the colors in the cover.

Dreamworks Movie Home Characters Oh Tip

 Movie Home Comforter Cover Fabric

  1. This “Home” movie comforter cover is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric.
  2. Each fabric strand is thinner than a human hair offering an incredibly high thread count per square inch that adds softness and strength to the fabric.
  3. This fabric weave is also breathable as well as being static, stain and wrinkle resistant.
  4. Use this to cover your own perhaps “tired” comforter that needs a fresh new look or use a FULL size insert.

Tip Tucci and Oh Home Bedding Care

  1. Laundry InstructionsWash this comforter cover in cold water with a mild detergent to preserve colors and detailing.
  2. Tumble dry on a low to medium heat setting and avoid hot dryer settings that can damage fabric fiber.
  3. Do not use chlorine or color-safe bleach on this digitally designed bedding.
  4. If you choose to iron, only the lowest heat setting should be used so you don’t scorch the fabric.

The Essentials

  1. This is PREMIUM bedding that has been designed with a concealed durable nylon zipper so the cover can be easily removed for cleaning.
  2. It is meticulously hand sewn and made to the highest quality standard for a rich appearance and long useful wear.
  3. Colors are deep and rich and detailing is crisp and clean.
  4. This bedding is made to order in the USA and is not available in any big box retailer.
  5. It is ready to ship to fans in 3 to 5 business days.
  6. It is also available in a QUEEN size duvet cover measuring 88-inches square or a KING size duvet cover measuring 104-inches by 88-inches. Toddler and Twin sizes are not available.
  7. Pricing will be based on the size bedding you select and not by this review site.