Cuddly Soft My Singing Monsters Entbrat Plush Monster Toy

This cuddly plush monster toy is named Entbrat and is a really big monster companion for fans of the My Singing Monsters video game series.

Entbrat is a round lime-green humanoid monster with a large, wide deep mouth and crazy orange lips.

In the video game, he has a shaggy mane of leaves that extend under his chin, giving the impression of a beard, and down his arms.

He has two tiny horns on top of his head and above his eyes and two really large, curved horns on either side of his head. The larger horns resemble the texture of tree bark, sprouting new leaf growth.

The rest of his body, including his big belly and tree trunk legs, are covered by a mossy-like fuzz as expertly captured in this plush toy design.

Even though he has beady eyes, a green leafy mane and ape-like arms and feet with yellow nails, My Singing Monsters Entbrat is a gentle giant.

Not the smartest of monsters in the game, this gentle soul sings his heart out with a great bellow that “vibrates the particles of the world from the clouds in the sky to the stones in the ground.”

My Singing Monsters Entbrat Plush Monster Toy

My Singing Monsters Entbrat Facts

  1. This large, huggable, green plush monster toy measures approximately 10.2 inches wide by 10 inches high by 5 inches deep.
  2. Despite his big belly, he only weighs just over half a pound.
  3. He is officially licensed My Singing Monsters merchandise that has been made outside the US and is imported.
  4. All Entbrat’s seams are tightly stitched and he is well-made with the capacity to withstand lots and lots of hugs.
  5. Even the smallest hands will have no problem toting Entbrat around the house or other places.
  6. There are no small parts that would pose an issue to a young fan.
  7. His body features lots of different textures, embroidery and detailing for the curious to explore.
  8. Entbrat is so well made and in the likeness of the My Singing Monsters character — you may expect him to burst into song, however, he is just a plush toy available for hugs and lots of love.