See How to Make a Plush Monster Toy Puppet

Scary monsters for kids can be a thing of the past when they can make their own using this Melissa and Doug fuzzy monster puppets kit.

The Melissa and Doug toy brand, over 25 years old, has become a name synonymous with quality, value and innovatively designed products for children of all ages.

They have many award winning offerings and are actually their own toy manufacturer, unlike other toy brands that outsource to other countries. Their quality is guaranteed.

Benefits of Making a Monster

Thanks to the miracle of Velcro, your child can make literally hundreds of combinations of colorful monsters with this clever create a monster kit that includes a carrying case, full of crazy ears, eyes, antennae, arms and fuzzy patches. It even won a 2011 A+ Award from

  1. Monster Toy PuppetsWith a simple hand-puppet sleeve your child creates, the “friendly” monster that is easy to use — children can operate the mouth as they use the puppet’s “voice” to express their own ideas and emotions.
  2. Parents can ask the puppet monster questions that the child can answer in their own created monster voice.
  3. This not only helps to diminish the fear of what may be hiding in the closet or under the bed but gives them a bunch of buddies they can name, have conversations with, role-play with and who will protect them while they sleep.

About this Monster Puppets Kit

  1. There are 30 total pieces in this Monster toy collection.
  2. It contains one base puppet and assorted Velcro attached eyes, hair, ears, etc.
  3. Some of the arm attachments come with suction cups to stick a monster to a window or mirror.
  4. The handy carrying case keeps all pieces together — caution this should be kept away from curious pets.
  5. Children can move the monster’s mouth with their hand, much like a sock puppet when telling stories or making monster sounds.
  6. Materials are soft with no sharp edges and have been tested to be safe for use by children, however, expect some shedding with the fake fur.
  7. This is a great value with educational benefits for hours of play at around $20.00 in cost.