Queen Ouija Board Bedding – Ask Your Question!

Fans of the “Spirit Board” will appreciate this QUEEN Ouija Board bedding in a premium artisan design that celebrates an American 19th century obsession with spiritualism.

Measuring 88-inches by 88-inches, this QUEEN size Ouija duvet cover will fit a standard queen mattress. A queen mattress measures 60-inches wide by 80-inches long with a drape of about 14-inches on each side of the bed.

Back in 1886 the Associated Press reported that a “talking board” with letters and numbers was becoming prominent in the camps of spiritualists. Reading the article, a man in Baltimore, pulled together a group of investors and started a novelty company to make and market these “Spirit” boards.

As a flat board game, it features the letters of the alphabet in two semi-circles, the numbers 0 through 9, below the letters, the words “yes” and “no” at the top of the board and the words “goodbye” at the bottom. A tear-dropped device called a “planchette”, with a small window in its body, is used to maneuver around the board.

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The Ouija Board Bedding Look

  1. The artist has taken this basic board design and has expanded it by adding darker design elements. Added is a cemetery setting in the center. The eye in the hand is rendered in each lower corner. This suggestions the bond between two essential human functions — doing and acting (the Hand) and sensing and observing (the Eye)…seen as a symbol of protection in some cultures.
  2. The duvet cover head features a skeletal angel with wings and skulls with sun and moon symbols.
  3. Ouija Board PillowThis design lends an air of mystery as well as the unknown in soft shades of gray, tan, beige and black.
  4. This is a single sided design meaning the doorway to the spirit world is featured only on one side this comforter cover with the reverse side being a soft, solid white.
  5. It is meticulously hand sewn with a durable, concealed nylon zipper for easy removal when cleaning. It is made to the highest quality standard for a rich appearance and long useful wear.

Quija Game Cover Fabric

  1. This premium comforter cover is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric. Microfiber is a fabric weave that allows it to breathe as well as making it stain, static, wrinkle and run resistant.
  2. With an incredibly high thread count per square inch, because each fabric strand is thinner than a human hair, you can expect extreme softness and fabric strength.
  3. The fabric finish will keep a duvet insert in place without slipping or bunching and this is a great way to wrap one of your own existing comforters in a fresh new mysterious look.

Comforter Cover Care

  1. Laundry InstructionsThis artisan game board bedding can be machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent.
  2. Tumble dry on a low to medium heat setting only — hot dryers can damage fabric fibers.
  3. Microfiber does not work well with either chlorine or color-safe bleaches, so they should be avoided.
  4. Use only the lowest heat setting if you want to touch this up with an iron.

Ordering Information and Options

  1. As artisan bedding, this will not be found in any big box retailer and is only available for purchase online.
  2. It is made to order in the USA and ready to ship to buyers in just 3 to 5 business days.
  3. This Ouija Board design is also available in FULL and KING sizes as well as in throw pillows, rugs and other merchandise through the link below.
  4. Pricing has not been determined by this website but rather by the size and type of merchandise you select.