Review Uber Popular Infectious Pandemic Board Game

In Pandemic, the Board Game, all players work as a team to find the cures for four (4) deadly diseases that are showing outbreaks in different parts of the world.

As the clock ticks, you and other skilled members of your disease-fighting team, must keep these deadly diseases from spreading while trying to find their cures.

You and your team will travel the world — treating infections, preventing outbreaks and implementing your scientific discoveries.

This is a co-operative game meaning players will win or lose as a team and to win, you must find remedies for all four (4) diseases while overcoming obstacles along the way.

This can be one tough game to beat because you are working against the clock and that makes this game all the more challenging and fun to play.

Pandemic Board Game Overview

Playing as a team in Pandemic, consists of a Disease Control team made up of you and the other players. You can choose to be a Contingency Planner, Operations Expert, Dispatcher, Quarantine Specialist, Researcher, Scientist or a Medic.

Working together you do research and try to prevent outbreaks before humanity is destroyed by disease. The ultimate goal is to find a cure for all four diseases while sidestepping the challenges during game play — that can cost a team the game before the diseases are cured.

For example, the team can lose should eight (8) outbreaks occur, leading to a worldwide panic — or, if a disease spreads too far creating a game shortage of disease “cubes” or if your team just plain runs out of time.

Pandemic Game Board

Set-Up and Pandemic Game Play

To begin, the Pandemic game board is placed on a flat surface, easily accessible by all players. One of the six (6) Research Stations is placed in Atlanta (on the board) because this is where the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is located.

The Outbreaks Marker is placed on the “Zero” location on the left side of the game board and the Cure Markers are placed near the “Discovered Cure” indicators located at the bottom center of the game board.

The Infection Deck is placed at the top right of the board and the Player Cards are placed at the bottom right of the board.

Each player is given a pawn and is dealt the number of cards corresponding to the number of players in the game — for example, a two-player game would get 4 cards and a four-player game would get 2 cards.

Pandemic Game CardsPlayers look at the “City” cards they have been dealt and the player with the highest population starts the game.

Pandemic has three (3) levels of difficulty so play can be tailored to the ages and experience levels of players. There is an Introductory level, a Standard level and the “Heroic” level of game play. Levels are based on how many “Epidemic” Cards you choose to include in the game.

Each player’s turn has three (3) parts. The first is to do four (4) actions, the second is to draw two (2) player cards and the third is to infect cities. On completion of these steps the turn moves to the next player.

Cards and actions determine the moves and the game play. Actions can be anything from setting up a research station to chartering a flight or treating a disease.

The game is won when cures for all four (4) diseases have been found — it is not necessary to completely eradicate the diseases to win.

Pandemic Board game play lasts about 45 minutes, is recommended for Ages 13 and older and is best played with 4 Players.

What’s Included in the Pandemic Board Game Box?

  • 1 – World Game Board
  • 7 – Role Cards
  • 7 – Pawns
  • 1 – Infection Rate Market
  • 1 – Outbreaks Marker
  • 4 – Cure Markers
  • 6 – Research Stations
  • 59 – Player Cards (48 City, 6 Epidemic, 5 Event)
  • 48 – Infection Cards
  • 96 – Disease Cubes


Pandemic game play is very straightforward and the rules are clear and easily understandable. Working together as a team in this co-operative style game, instead of working against each other, inspires collaboration, strategy and cooperation often not found in other board games.

Picking cities to infect at random, through player card selection, adds an element of chaos to game play — keeping it interesting.

This is an “infectious” (pun intended) game because of the number of ways you can actually lose the game rather than win it. It makes Pandemic the Game challenging and highly replayable without having to commit hours to playing it.

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