Not Too Spooky Bed Sheet Ghost Halloween Bedding

Look closely — available in FULL, QUEEN and KING size is this ghostly Halloween bedding that might, at a distance appear to be an unassuming black, white and gray abstract pattern.

On closer inspection it is an artisan design of layer upon layer of the bed sheet ghosts who have haunted the slumber of many for years!

Ghosts come in many forms and the bed sheet variety was borne of the desire by artists, illustrators and directors who needed a way to differentiate between living characters and dead ones.

Jacob Marley GhostRemember the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner, Jacob Marley from Charles Dickens classic novel “A Christmas Carol”? He wore the same clothes in death as he wore in life.

Instead of the clothes they died in, ghosts started popping up in burial shrouds that looked an awful lot like today’s bed sheets.

Halloween Ghost Bedding Design

  1. Featured is a FULL size, premium hand cut and sewn comforter cover, expertly crafted with a hidden nylon zipper for easy removal when cleaning.
  2. It features the artisan design of bed sheet ghosts in an abstract overlay pattern of gray, black and white shades. Each little face reminding us of “Ghostface” in the “Scream” series.
  3. Use this to wrap your own existing comforter as a unique option in Halloween bedding.
  4. The FULL size zippered comforter cover measures 79×79 inches square and will fit a standard full size mattress measuring 54×75 inches. It is also available in QUEEN size measuring 88×88 inches and in KING size measuring 104×88 inches.
  5. This ghostly design is showcased on one side of the Halloween bedding only with the reverse side a soft, solid shade of white.

Ghostly Halloween Black White Bedding Design


— Made from 100% Polyester Microfiber
— Stain, static, wrinkle and run resistant
— Will not fade when washed
— High thread count for superior strength
— Rich in color saturation
— Breathable material


— Machine wash in COLD WATER only
— Use a mild detergent
— Do not use chlorine bleach
— Tumble dry on low to medium heat
— Touchup with low heat iron setting
— Avoid hot water and hot dryer settings

Important Ordering Information

  1. Because this is premium bedding with an artisan design, it is made-to-order in the USA and is not available in stores. You may only purchase this online.
  2. Each ghostly zippered comforter cover, regardless of size is ready to ship to the buyer in 5 business days or less.
  3. Send your order to a USA address and it will get there within 2 to 8 days via the United States Postal Service.
  4. This same bed sheet ghost design is available as other Halloween home decor through the link below. Get this as a shower curtain, throw blanket, area rug or pillow as well as other options.