Wild Fire Eyed Predator Scary Wolf Bedding

This artist designed wolf bedding may have the hair on the back of your neck stand on end when walking into a dimly lit bedroom with this comforter cover draping the bed.

Wolves are at the top of the food chain meaning this predator has little to fear from others in the wild. The clear association between a wolf and the wild suggests wilderness and the untamed — evoking a sense that this predator is evil, untrustworthy and a greedy thief as suggested in this artist’s design.

Scary Wolf Bedding Design

  1. This is a premium, expertly hand cut and sewn comforter cover, featuring scary wolf art designed by an artist. It includes a hidden nylon zipper for easy removal when cleaning and is available in three sizes. The QUEEN size featured here, measures 88-inches by 88-inches. The FULL size measures 79-inches by 79-inches and the KING size measures 104×88-inches.
  2. Consider this for wrapping your own existing comforter in a dramatic new look.
  3. This comforter cover is single sided meaning the wolf design is showcased on one side only. The reverse side is a soft, solid white.
  4. From the matted fur to the fiery eyes, scarred wet nose and yellow fangs and teeth, the colors in this wolf bedding are in shades of gray, black, yellow, red, white, rust, brown, gold and teal. The palette of warm shades will coordinate well with other room accessories.

Wild Scary Wolf Comforter Design

Wolf Comforter Cover Fabric

  1. This bedding is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric. Microfiber is a special polyester fabric weave that lets it breathe much like cotton and cotton blend fabrics.
  2. It has the benefits of being stain, run, wrinkle and static resistant.
  3. Its high thread count gives this scary wolf bedding fabric superior strength and the super soft feel of a well worn favorite t-shirt.

Comforter Cover Care

  1. Any microfiber bedding should be machine washed in COLD WATER only with a mild detergent.
  2. Tumble dry on a low to medium heat setting or line dry.
  3. Avoid the use of hot water, bleach and high heat dryer settings that may damage the fabric.
  4. Use only a low heat iron setting for touchups.

How to Order

  1. This is artist designed, premium bedding that is not available in stores and may only be bought online.
  2. It includes one scary wolf design zippered comforter cover that comes in FULL, QUEEN and KING sizes.
  3. As premium bedding, each cover is made to order in the USA and is ready to ship in about 4 business days.
  4. US orders sent to US addresses are shipped via the United States Post Service. You may expect the bedding to arrive within 2 to 8 days of shipping.
  5. This same wolf predator design is available in other home decor through the link below.
  6. Pricing will be based on the size bedding or merchandise you choose and not by our website.