Zombie Opoly – The Best Undead Zombie Board Game

Zombie Opoly is a Zombie Board Game for those fans of the “undead”, who love the play of the popular board game Monopoly and the skin crawling fear of the unknown.

With this game — dark in its blood red colors and detailed in its flesh-rotting images — you can almost sense them coming through the trees around your property.

You may even imagine you can faintly hear those guttural telltale moaning sounds that mean the dead have come back to life!

This is a new spin on the traditional board game Monopoly that brings the undead from the woods into your living room, game room or kitchen table.

Forget about taking a ride on the Reading or Short Line Railroad, instead worry about landing on Mad Science, a Pandemic, a Virus Outbreak or Voodoo.

Zombie Board GameThe upscale settings of Boardwalk and Park Place have been replaced with “The (Zombie) Horde” and “Dr. Aikenhead”.

You no longer GO to JAIL, you get buried ALIVE. Forget FREE PARKING, now you get FREE LIMBS — and, the traditional “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards have been replaced with “Stagger” and “Crawl” cards.

Zombie-Opoly Board Game Features

Zombie-opoly allows players to buy favorite zombies and rent them instead of the traditional Monopoly properties.

The rent on owned zombies is increased by buying Boxes of Flesh and then upgrading them for a terrified Screaming Human head.

The 6 game tokens for this Zombie edition have been creatively designed and in keeping with the theme of the undead. What’s included are a:

  • Human Femur Bone
  • Grave Digger Shovel
  • Lethal Weapon Hammer
  • Severed Human Ear
  • Zombie Boy
  • Human Remnant Shoe with Foot

The actual game play remains pretty much the same in rolling the dice and taking turns so the biggest decision, for those familiar with traditional Monopoly, will be which of the six (6) tokens to choose.

Getting BURIED ALIVE when landing on the traditional “Go to Jail” location means you have three (3) rolls to dig yourself out.

Zombie clownZombie Opoly is recommended for 2 to 6 players and from Ages 8 and older. Like any game with small parts, caution should be exercised if playing around young children or curious pets.

There are two (2) modes of play for this zombie game — the traditional Monopoly way that can take hours or a ONE HOUR  will you die version.

Zombie Board Game Facts

  • This game has been made in the U.S. by Late for the Sky games.
  • In the box are the zombie game board, zombie bucks, 6 game tokens, instructions for play, “Stagger” and “Crawl” cards, “Own a Zombie” property cards, screaming human tokens, boxes of flesh pieces and game dice.
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Zombie-Opoly Board Game

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